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Bible - Students learn stories from both the Old and New Testament, starting with creation and moving chronologically through the Old Testament until the Advent season when students begin studying the life of Christ and the lessons he taught. 
Math - Students are introduced to basic math concepts such as numbers 1-20, 1 to 1 correspondence, shapes, colors, patterns, sorting, and graphing.  These concepts are reinforced through math centers.
Science - Students are introduced to the natural world around them through different thematic units throughout the year.  The concepts taught in these units are reinforced through hands-on activities offered in the science center.
Writing - Students are offered a variety of fine motor activities to help develop pre-writing skills.  Students are introduced to letter and shape formation and are offered a variety of center activities that encourage pre-writing and writing skills.
Reading - Students develop literacy skills through exploring books and literature. They hear stories read aloud daily and are given the opportunity to further explore and retell those stories. They are introduced to the alphabet and letter sounds.  They begin working with rhyming words and breaking words apart into sounds and syllables.
Social Studies - Students are introduced to the world around them through different thematic units studied throughout the year.  “Let’s Find Out” Weekly Reader from Scholastic is also used to build an awareness of the world around them and reinforce how they impact that world.  
Physical Education - Students are given the opportunity to play both indoors and outdoors while being given a variety of equipment to encourage the development of large motor skills. We practice taking turns, and develop spatial awareness and self-regulation.
Students also get an opportunity to display their God-given talents in non-core subject areas of Art and Music.
Social Skills - Students are given opportunities to practice problem-solving skills in social situations and work in groups.  They practice communicating basic needs and emotions as well as beginning to be aware of the emotions of others. They work toward independence in caring for themselves (washing hands, getting dressed for outside, etc).  Students are encouraged to use manners and are shown how to be polite to their peers and teachers.