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Bible - We use the CSI Bible Curriculum to study the Old and New Testaments and their connection to each other. We focus on Creation, the Fall, and Redemption. We include Bible verse memorization, devotions, praise and worship, and Christian Service throughout the year. The activities help our students respond and apply God’s Word to their life.
Math - First and Second-grade students use the enVision Math Curriculum. There is an emphasis on problem-solving and understanding concepts of number sense, algebraic reasoning, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. Also, included in the learning are games and activities to practice our skills.
Science - Our Science curriculum is Purposeful Design by ACSI. Science is taught from the perspective that God created and sustains the world. We strive to train students to understand and embrace God’s Design of His creation. Our units include Life Science: Animals, Plants, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Habitats, and the Human Body;  Physical Science: Movement, Machines, Energy, Light, and Heat; and Earth and Space Science.
Writing - We use Units of Study for Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins. This implements a workshop setting to encourage writing growth. We also teach writing mechanics and spelling as part of our writing program. Students learn about narrative, information, and opinion writing.
Reading - Our reading curriculum is the Units of Study for Teaching Reading by Lucy Calkins. Reading is taught in a workshop setting and we strive for a balanced literacy approach. We believe that Phonics, Word Study, and Comprehension are all important parts of learning to read.
Social Studies - In Social Studies we use the Scott Foresman curriculum. Our units include the study of People, Places in History, Our Community, Our Country Today and Long Ago, and Our Earth. We incorporate how we can be effective citizens in the world that God created. Scholastic News magazines help us dig into current events and other topics.
Students also get an opportunity to display their God-given talents in non-core subject areas of Physical Education, Art, Music, and Technology