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Bible - The Christian Schools International Bible curriculum that we use explores the Old Testament from Genesis to Isaiah. Studying godly men and women from biblical times gives us wisdom and insight into leading lives that are pleasing to the Lord. Learning our Bible memory work helps us hide God’s Word in our hearts.
Math - The Scott Foresman enVision Math Series is the comprehensive curriculum that we use.  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Patterns, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Data, Graphs, Measurement, Time, Temperature, Money, Decimals, and Fractions are all addressed.  Mastering math facts and playing math games helps reinforce these concepts. Computer games and activities like a Fraction Pizza Party are also utilized to teach valuable math skills.
Science - The Christian Schools International Curriculum provides a godly approach to studying His majestic world.  Life Science topics that are explored include Plants, Living Things, and Circulatory and Respiratory Systems. Some Earth Science topics include Minerals, Rocks, Soil, and Natural Resources. Other areas of study include Electricity, Structures, Packaging, Heat, Temperature, Light, Sound, and Hearing.  Science experiments and field trips enhance understanding of these important concepts.
Writing -We utilize the Units of Study for Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins. Units such as Opinion Writing, Narratives, Persuasive, Fiction Writing, and Informative Writing provide students with guidance in various writing genres. Journal writing and reflecting on reading are all emphasized.  Spelling and grammar are also integrated throughout the curriculum.  Writing pen pals and other practical writing skills are also introduced.
Reading - The Units of Study for Teaching Reading by Lucy Calkins exposes students to a wide variety of literature and reading strategies.  Students learn valuable comprehension skills while reading fiction and nonfiction selections. Learning about character, setting, and plot helps students delve more deeply into literature selections.  Students are also encouraged to read independently and become more passionate about reading.
Social Studies - The Scott Foresman Curriculum introduces us to important aspects of God’s world and the people he has created.  We particularly focus on Communities, Regions, and Resources. The history of the United States is emphasized. Students create presidential and state reports to learn more about our great nation. Reading Scholastic News increases our awareness of current events.
Technology - Keyboarding skills are essential for today’s students.  For this reason, third and fourth graders embark on a comprehensive computer program called  Both speed and accuracy are evaluated.  Students apply technological skills in other subject areas by researching topics and creating slideshows.. 
Physical Education - Acknowledging that our bodies are a gift from the Lord reminds us to take care of ourselves through fitness and healthy habits. Introducing sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, field hockey, and track gives students an opportunity to learn new skills and develop an appreciation for participating in these sports. Training for a Jingle Jog in December teaches students to work towards fitness goals.
Students also get an opportunity to display their God-given talents in non-core subject areas of Art and Music.