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"As a DCS graduate (many years ago) I would like to say what a blessing it is to be involved with our school again. We now have 4 grandchildren in DCS. How fun it is to attend games, programs, contests etc. As a young married couple with no children, I had business one day to do at the school. Having gone to DDHS and working my contacts with the school, were almost non-existent at that time. I left the school that day with a definite feeling of family. I went home that day and said to Gary "Our children" will go to DCS when we have them. We are not perfect, but so many positive things I see since my years there. A gym, unity groups, plays, musicals and band. Many of us like to say it's a sacrifice to send our children, financially it is, but remember the sacrifice our parents went through and our grandparents to establish this school! The biggest sacrifice is the one our children are taught about in our school, the sacrifice of God's Son for our sins."

Kay P.
Delavan, WI

"I come from a family that was not strongly religious. Just kind of the basics. One of the things DCS does for my children is provide the spiritual guidance and teaching I can't provide for them. They actually come home and teach me things. Because of the teachers, they have a love and faith in God stronger than mine. Plus, the teachers also have the patience and training to help each student individually. To support the children's strengths, and improve their weaknesses. They go beyond what we ask of them in so many ways. Also, they integrate the older and younger children so well, teaching the upper classmates responsibility, while showing the younger ones how to mature. I am so thankful to have so many teachers, staff, and students care about my children."

Rhiannon T.
Darien, WI

"Our family moved to Wisconsin in 2001, settling down after many wonderful years with the Air Force.   We sought a Christian school for our son, Andrew, who entered 8th grade.  What a blessing we found in this school!  The school’s commitment to God’s love and Word was evident throughout and with every person we met.  Andrew was quickly embraced by staff and students as part of the school family which allowed him to thrive and grow.  Then our daughter, Anne Marie, enjoyed four years at DCS from 5th through 8th grade. We were always impressed with the many opportunities at DCS for spiritual, academic, athletic, and artistic growth.  Anne Marie grew in her faith and learned to love God’s Word.   We will always thank God for leading us to this school of rich blessings."

Janis and John S.
Delavan, WI

"All four of our children attended Delavan Christian School from kindergarten through 8th grade.  They learned much from teachers, textbooks, friends and coaches.  They studied math, english, science, history, music, art, basketball, Bible and much more.  The teaching approach at DCS encourages development of the whole child as an individual and as a member of God's family.  My husband and I have appreciated the strong academic program, the nurturing environment and the diversity of Christian families that make up Delavan Christian School."

Grace H.
Delavan, WI

"My children have enjoyed a quality education with caring teachers and staff to lead them down their paths.  I would recommend Delavan Christian School to anyone who wants to give their child(ren) a solid foundation in education and faith." 

Mary R.
Delavan, WI

Luke 18:16
But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
"We have been blessed to have our children attend DCS. In daily teaching grounded in HIS word and experienced in a loving, nurturing environment guided by a staff who knows and loves our Savior, all children receive the true bread of life- the nourishment, based in relationships that is the foundation to a life in victory."

Jeff & Vicki T.
Elkhorn, WI