Panther Partners

Welcome to the Delavan Christian School Panther Partners!

The Delavan Christian School Guild Panther Partners has been an ongoing fundraising committee for over 25 years. It began as different groups called circles that met at the homes of people who had students in the school. Over time, the circles formed one group known as the Guild, now known as Panther Partners.

Panther Partners is made up of individuals who are interested in and supportive of Christian education. Members may include mothers, fathers, grandparents, relatives, alumni, and friends of DCS.

Panther Partners raises funds which directly and indirectly support Delavan Christian School. These funds help defray the cost of tuition, sponsor scholarships, allow the teachers to purchase little extras for their classrooms, and allow the students to attend cultural events.

Other than just fundraising, the Panther Partners have reached out to the teachers to ask what needs they have in the classroom. Teachers can request help in their room with bulletin boards, special projects, and parties. We also want to incorporate more family gatherings to improve DCS fellowship. Here are some ideas for DCS gatherings: Drive In Movie Night, Game Night, Family Fall Night, Family Carnival, Hostess Supper and the list goes on!

This is all possible due to the commitment of the Panther Partners members, Officers, and various fundraiser chairs. To these people go a great deal of thanks.

It seems like participating in Panther Partners requires a lot of time. Is there a large time commitment?
Actually, it doesn't. Panther Partners meets 4 times a year. Extra meetings may be called if the need arises.

How is Panther Partners governed?
Four officers are elected from the Panther Partners membership, which consists of Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, and Friends of DCS.

If you would like more information, please contact the school office at 262-728-5667.