Students at DCS are transported to and from school in three different ways. 

  1. Students may walk or ride their bikes to and from school. 
  2. Students residing the Delavan-Darien School District may ride the school bus.
  3. Parents choose to transport their child to school by car.

Parents may contact the Dousman Bus Company at 262-728-2166.

Transportation Reimbursement

Any student whose residency is outside of the Delavan Darien School District may be entitled to a monetary reimbursement from the public school district they reside in; however, parents should contact the public school district in which they reside for specific parameters.

The DCS school office submits an application for reimbursement in May for the families outside the school district. In June the DCS school office verifies the attendance to the other school districts for the students applying for reimbursement.

Typically parents will receive a transportation payment from their local school district in June ($200-300 per child) after the school year ends.


Bus conduct

The school district of Delavan-Darien provides safe, efficient transportation for students attending public and private schools. In order to protect the safety and welfare of the children while on the bus, parents are asked to review bus rules with their children on a periodic basis. Students riding the buses, whether on a daily basis to and from school, or for field trips and sporting events, are expected to know and follow these rules. Parents are responsible for the behavior of pupils on school buses. If a child's behavior is not acceptable, the privilege of riding the bus may be withdrawn, and it becomes the responsibility of the parent to transport the child.

A complete listing of school bus rules is available at the school office and will be provided upon request.


Field Trip Transportation

Most field trips make use of a school bus (Panther Partners graciously pays for one bus per grade per year). Sometimes parents are asked to volunteer to drive.

All drivers for field trips will need to register in the school office the first time they drive for a field trip each year. A photocopy of the driver’s vehicle insurance and driver’s license will be required. The office will make the photocopies for each driver. This is required in order to ensure the safety of all school children.

Children under the age of 12 cannot be seated in the front seat of a vehicle with airbags. Children under 8 years of age will be required to have an approved car seat or booster seat.