Girls Volleyball

The girl's volleyball program at our school consists of two different teams.  The seventh and eighth grade students make up the A team and the fifth and sixth grade students form the B team.  The season runs from the start of school until the middle of October.  Games and practices are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.  There are approximately 12 games per team with the A team competing in a tournament hosted by our school. 

Students are required to have athletic physicals performed every two years. These must be on file in the school office before participating in practices. Athletic contracts must also be completed and a $15 fee must be paid by the end of the first week of school. A $5 fee will be added to the $15 fee if the contract is not handed in by Friday afternoon. If a child decides they do not want to play, prior to any games, their athletic fee will be reimbursed. Parents are expected to sign up for volunteer slots (5-7 per child) or pay $5 per slot. The athletic contract and physical forms are available below.