Prekindergarten and Preschool


Prekindergarten (4yo) and Preschool (3yo)     

The purpose of our prekindergarten and preschool is to provide a stimulation and enriching experience for each child in preparation for later academic learning. Our prekindergarten and preschool programs nurture the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth of the student in a secure and loving environment. 

We will help your child to:

  • Become more aware of God in our world
  • Show love for God and each other
  • Achieve a good self-image
  • Learn to accept and respond to others
  • Improve verbal, listening, and perceptual skills
  • Develop large and small motor skills
  • Develop attitudes that support the love of learning, problem-solving, and curiosity


Children must be three years old for preschool and 4 years old for prekindergarten by September 1 of the upcoming school year and be toilet trained. An application must be filled out and requirements met for admission to DCS.