For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.

                                              Psalm 139:13

What Is K21 Transitional Kindergarten?

The K21 Transitional Kindergarten Program at Delavan Christian School has a schedule which provides additional days for the students as the year progresses.  During the first two quarters of the school year, the students attend the traditional three full days per week.  The third quarter, we add an additional day each week.  A fifth day is added for the final quarter, so that the students attend full time during the end of the school year.

How Does this Program Benefit My Child?

K21 Transitional Kindergarten Program will provide an additional twenty-seven days of education for the children. Additional days enable the teacher to enrich the curriculum, resulting in greater retention of ideas and skills. These additional days also allow more time for teachers to remediate and review with struggling students. The expanded calendar provides more time for field trips and enrichment activities.

Meeting the Physical and Emotional Needs of God’s Children:
Many five year old children are not mature enough for the rigor of all-day / everyday kindergarten.  By adding an additional day in the third quarter, and then finally reaching the full time status during the last quarter, the K21 Transitional Kindergarten Program  allows children to grow up.  During the first months of kindergarten, the school becomes a home away from home.  The teachers establish a loving and caring relationship vital to the child’s educational well-being.   All day / every day kindergarten puts a lot of strain on the child emotionally and physically. Our transitional time allows students more adjustment and adaptation from their home environments.

Social Impact:
Kindergarten is a crucial time for children to learn social interaction skills.  The gradual increase of time allows for a safe and pleasant environment at the beginning of the year.  Additional days at the end of the year provide more chances for children to interact with peers and adults in a positive, rather than overwhelming, way. 

Educational Preparation:
The first grade reading curriculum is a very important step in the child’s education.  The additional days of kindergarten at the end of the year will give the teachers more time for reading readiness and preparation for the all day / every day rigor.  The transition to first grade is done smoothly and effectively.

Our Caring, Nurturing Staff:
Mrs. Maria DeJong has taught for over five years.  She is excited about the additional opportunities she will have with the K21 Transitional Kindergarten schedule.  Creative projects fill the walls and spaces of her classroom.  Mrs. DeJong provides a wonderful caring environment for the students to blossom their abilities and talents.